Is That A Real Or Fake Diploma On The Wall? Here Are The Key Signs

There is no better decoration that you can mount or display on your wall than all the certificates and diplomas of your achievements. Actually, your parents are the ones that are excited or proud to show off your diplomas. And most families, if not all, are doing this tradition.

Try to visit a friend or classmate’s house, not far from the front door will you notice a dedicated wall for all diplomas, if not a cabinet on the corner of the living room where it also displays all medals and trophies aside from certificates and diplomas. However, unless you were notified that it’s a fake diploma, you wouldn’t know it. With that being said, it is important to know whether it was authentic or not, without being straightforward or offending the owner of the house.

Signs That It Is A Fake Diploma

Erroneous Information

It is important that the information like full name, school, educational attainment, school seal, date of graduation and signatures of school representatives should be visible and accurately stated on the diploma.

Typo Error

Although there are instances of wrong spelled names, there is an option to reprint the diploma for free as it is the responsibility pf the school.

Tampered Seal

The school seal is one of the most important evidence that it is an authentic diploma. All schools have their own created logos and seals that is engraved on the diploma. Ripped, broken, repasted, and digitized seal is not acceptable.

Fake Document Number

There are schools that implements numbering on all public documents including diplomas and transcript of records. This is a specialized number that represents the your id #, school district or state. However, this is not implemented in all schools. It’s authentic when your id number matches the number in your diploma.