Doctors Already Prescribe Some Types Of CBD For Epilepsy!

Just in! The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) finally approved of Epidiolex as a treatment for epilepsy. As a result, the industry of the CBD-based type has recently ballooned in certain states in the US, hence doctors are recommending it.

What is the Epidiolex?

The Epidiolex is an oral solution that bears a 100mg/L presence of CBD. As expected, CBD reigns as the most potent nutrient in the Epidiolex. Its other ingredients include sesame oil, dried alcohol, natural sucrose, and other organic extracts.

What is CBD: A Brief Background

To say it simply, CBD is an essential part of medical marijuana. Experts tag it as a cousin of cannabis/marijuana because of its equally potent capacity. Although it is directly taken from the hemp plant, it does cause the user to be stoned. An active and highly potent chemical, the CBD (or in the case of the Royal CBD package) is usually consumed as oil. But in the case of the Epidiolex, it comes in the form of oral syrup.

Like cannabis, the CBD is still considered illegal in some countries. The means of consuming it has been deemed controversial. However, both unpublished and published medical journals further support its effectiveness in treating some harsh chronic illnesses.

A Bold Move

But outside these debacles, the FDA successfully proved, along a long row of studies worldwide, that CBD interacts with the neurological imbalance prevalent in epilepsy and as a result, alleviates the seizures. The FDA, in partnership with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) published and moved to legalize the consumption of the Epidiolex.

Such an action rippled and emboldened the industry of the new-found plant-based medicine, rocketing it to a high. Today, countries all over the world are considering amending policies that ban CBD or cannabis-based herbs. Ultimately, some doctors in the US are now prescribing this type of CBD for epilepsy.

Other Types of CBD Believed to Also Treat Epilepsy (still needing medical clearance though):

  1. Isolates
  2. Full Spectrum
  3. Broad Spectrum